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29 March 2013

April Fools Day Prank | Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

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SO last year, someone (I think on facebook?) shared this April Fool's Prank and I thought it was genius! (was it you??!)  So of course I decided to prank the boys with a little twist on home cooked grilled cheese and tomato soup :)

The "grilled cheese" is simply pound cake sliced like bread and sprinkled with a little cinnamon (you know for "char" marks) and a little sweet lemon curd for the oozy-goozy "cheese".

Top off the meal with some super sweet tomato soup (watered down pink/red frosting) with croutons! (little chopped bits of that pound cake!

The kiddos were appropriately shocked and then had to be held back from eating the whole shebang (can you imagine THAT sugar crash?).

TIP: The trick goes through a little better if you are actually cooking grilled cheese when the kids come in.  The smell works wonders!

Happy April Fools!!!

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Janel from NellieBellie Friday, March 29, 2013  

bahaha!!! YOu know I love this!! I did this same one to my kids last year...it was oodles of giggles!

Torviewtoronto Friday, March 29, 2013  

the grilled sandwich looks wonderful

RobynFromSimplyme Sunday, March 31, 2013  

LOL!! O this is so bad.. LOL My husband would freak.. LOL

Nessa Monday, April 01, 2013  

Haha.. this is actually a really fun idea! I'll have to remember this for when the kids get a little older.

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