FREE Desktop Calendar Download | February

Happy February!

Each month this year, I will be offering a free photo-calendar download for you, complete with dates, a seasonal, original photo and the words I will be focusing on for that month. This month it is all about peace and solitude and family and pieces...

february  updated

Instructions: Simply click the link above and it will take you to the download site.  Click the size you want (based on your desktop size) and download.  Save the photo to your desktop or a pictures file where you can easily find it.
Go to Control Panel> Display (or Appearance)> Change Desktop Background and then retrieve the photo where you previously saved it.

Alternative: Go to the link, right click the photo and click "save as desktop background"!!  Easy!

Questions?  Just ask!  ...and make sure you come back for March's new calendar!

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Gray Shelton said…
Getting this when I get home!!
Robyn said…
This is beautiful . Thank you for making it and sharing it with us! :)
Amy Renea said…
Y'all are so sweet! welcome of course!