What will you see at the Nest this year?

It's a New Year (with a capitol "N" and "Y") and with New Years come new expectations.  Typically they are in the form of resolutions, but like many of you, I shun them.  Resolutions for me are a year long battle of goals set, met and discarded along with those perennial goals that just never seem to get met.  OK - who are we kidding.  That one goal to stop eating cake and lose 50 pounds.  That's the one that I need the most that never is accomplished.  The other goals?  They aren't that hard. 

Instead of resolutions and goals though, today I wanted to give you a peek ahead at what to expect here at 'A Nest for All Seasons'.  There aren't any drastic changes, but there is going to be a slight shift towards making this a friendlier place for readers, so I hope you are along for the ride and hold out a few high fives along the way!  Ready?  Let's GO!

1. Focus on Readers -- Not Bloggers

I often fall into the trap of blogging for bloggers, brands and numbers instead of blogging for readers.  Many of the new additions to the site this year are to combat those tendencies.  I am here to write for me and to write for the reader.  So once in awhile there will be some bloggy talk and brand talk, but most of the time, posts will center on what they can do for me and what they can do for you, the reader.

2.  Do less.  Better.

It is becoming my mantra this year.  Do less of everything.  ...but do it better.  Less posting with higher quality posts.  Less photos -- but better ones.  Less writing and sharing and stat checking and obsessing.  Which leads me to...

3.  Piece

More to come on this later...it is my word of the year. 

4.  Series Manager

Instead of attempting to master a blogging schedule that is rigid and unforgiving, I work better with series and you (hello readers!!) tend to like them too.  Series end up with more comments, pins and traffic than spreading the posts out, so you will find more series this year!  Did you miss the 2012 series?  Go check them out, then come on back here, k?

DAY 1 | Microwave Soaps              DAY 2 | Fern Canvases           DAY 3 | Crafty Jars           DAY 4 | Luminaries          DAY 5 | DIY Snowglobe tips lavender soap 2 christmas_thumb[3]ferns smalljars smallluminarie smallsnowglobe small


...and now onto the series for 2013!

  Click HERE to skip the break and read about what is to come!


1.  You've only got 10 years...

10 years buttonYou might have noticed in January's calendar download that the words to dwell on this season are about our 10 years to make magic.  I believe that is true and I've been convicted to make more magic for my kiddos while I still canThis year long series will come and go, focusing on craft projects that celebrate imagination and creativity. 

2.  Downloadable Calendar Pages 

calendar buttonSpeaking of downloads, each month, I will be offering an original, seasonal photograph, complete with calendar dates and a few words to dwell on for the month.  Feel free to print the page out or simply right click and save as your desktop background.

Collect January's download right HERE!

3.  What do you DO all day?

what do you do buttonI will be continuing with this series I started last summer, capturing our everydays and giving proof that what we do as moms has daily and lifetime worth.  Won't you join me in the journey?

4.  {Gathered.}

gathered buttonAppearing mainly in the summer and fall, another series that started last year was {Gathered.}  We are connecting to the abundance we enjoy without celebrating materialism, examining and celebrating the female role as "gatherer".  We will continue to share the abundance of our garden gathering and auction collecting and want YOU to join in!

5.   Redbuds

redbuds buttonOne of my favorite posts last year was the posts on redbuds -- looking outwards and shining the light on others when I'm too focused on myself and my failures.  Check out the original redbud post HERE and keep checking back to find more redbud profiles HERE. 

6.  PPP [photo-polish primer]

pppOften good photos need a little polishing.  They don't need over-working and over-editing.  They just need polished.  This series is going to help you learn the difference between the two and master a few simple techniques.

Every so often, I will be showing you a simple editing polish trick.  You are going to be encouraged to share YOUR experimentation with the tip or trick and I will also be giving away free editing packages each time to one lucky reader -- stay tuned!

7. Food, Photography, DIY Design and Modern Garden Living Series

Those are the themes of this blog and everything I write goes through the filter of those subjects.  Of course, my family, my kids, my faith are all interwoven, but under the umbrella of these creative pursuits.  So, join me as we explore these creative pursuits even further this year in yet to be announced series! 

** Forum Interaction

I will also be encouraging you to get involved in the forum, ask questions of the diy, garden, photo and foodies experts of the forum and share YOUR opinions!  (Did you know if you share a comment, link or question on the forum here on the Nest, it will immediately publish to over 20 other top creative blogs?  Cool, huh?!)

What else is in store for you?  More collaborations with other bloggers for massive giveaways (like THIS ONE), more ebooks (like THIS ONE), a mini-magazine chock full of my best seasonal ideas (for subscribers only!) and much more!  Want to add your 2 cents on what I should focus on this year at the Nest?  Feel free to add your comments and suggestions below! 

What do you need to know?  Make sure to subscribe to posts, the newsletter and forum updates so you don't miss out on a thing!  The links are directly below this post! 

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Great Post, Amy. I'm looking forward to following along!
Miss Kitty said…
You are one of my favorite bloggers, Amy! I just re-subscribed to your blog as an email 'cause sometimes I don't keep up with my Google connect too well and I miss your posts. Each one is a treasure...looking forward to reading your posts in 2013!
Amy Renea said…
omigosh MISS KITTY -- you JUST made my day...NO JOKE. THANK YOU!!!!!

Jenny I heart you to tears girl!
Shannon Fox said…
Love that!
Readers. Check (me too!)
Do more better. So smart :)

Peace. Always.

Happy New Year Amy!!