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25 January 2013

The Elusive Emerald Garden Bucks the Color Trend

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I thought when I stepped outside my backdoor that the garden would be full top to bottom with emerald.  I mean, gardens are green, right?  I wanted to come up with interesting plant combinations with emerald accents, emerald shrubs to highlight yellow-green plants and emerald flowers to brighten, yet deepen the color story of bouquet.  well, the joke was on me.  You see, even though the garden does hold an abundance of green, a true emerald is hard to find.  A true emerald is found in the earth as a shiny jewel mined deep from within layers of rock.  It has shades of blue AND green in it, while it’s hue s a deeper green.  Lighter greens are actually called green beryl.  So when I stepped outside my backdoor with camera in hand, I was looking for that deep and lustrous blue-green with the tiniest hint of yellow.
I didn’t find it.

Instead I found a multitude of yellow-greens, from the chartreuse highlights on the new growth of boxwood to brilliant lime evergreens and even a pretty yellow-green berry hidden under still green leaves, there was plenty of yellow.  …but no true emerald.

DSC_1128emerald in garden amy renea against white yellowDSC_1134

So I headed around the corner to seek out more greens and I stumbled upon a host of blue, from berries to needles to the ‘almost-but-not-quite’ emerald of the rhododendron leaves.  They were almost a tad too yellow still to be true emerald.  Disappointing really.

DSC_1133 emerald in garden amy renea blue emerald in garden amy renea rhododendron

So I looked again and noticed that those same blueish pine needles looked more yellow when lit from above, and I noticed those green leaves took on a deeper bluish hue when contrasted with red berries instead of white and suddenly I realized that emerald WAS in the garden, but that it was just playing a little hide and seek.  For as the sun moves and our eyes wander, the greens of the garden takes on different hues.  It turns green into yellow and twists yellow into blue and somewhere, at some moment, there is true emerald.  It isn’t always there, it is illusive, but the green and yellows and the blues of garden make for a sea of emerald, if only you look closely.

emerald in garden amy renea against redDSC_1132DSC_1130

Perhaps that is why God made Emerald a jewel.  To teach us that the true beauty of color tones is only found after a hunt – after a search.  The sky is not always a beautiful red sunset and that cotton candy blue only lasts for a second.  The trees turn brilliant orange for a week or two each year, but attempt to find that color elsewhere in the garden each spring and you will be sorely disappointed.  For the garden is not a be all for every color every season.  The joy of the garden is the change and the mystery.  So don’t be disappointed this winter when you step into your garden and the trendy color of the year is no where to be found.  It is there – you just have to look – and then remember that the ever changing colors of the garden slam dunk any color trend square on its head.

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