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22 January 2013

Chickens for Sale! One day old!

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It is chicken buying time again!  I know - I know -- it is cold outside and chicks will never survive this cold, so why on EARTH am I talking about chickens for sale?

Well, here's the thing -- rare breed chicks sell out fast, so if you want the cute ones, you have to order them NOW!  Like yesterday now!  They will run out of the cutest gals and you'll have to order your second, third, or fourth favorites, so if you want a cutey like this:



I mean seriously?  Could they BE any cuter?

I buy my chickies from California Hatcheries where they not only have any chicken for sale you could dream of, but also have other poultry for sale including turkeys (turkeys!), peacocks and game birds.

Now down to the nitty gritty.  You want baby chicks, but how on Earth should you take care of them?  From downing in water pans to being swept off by a hawk to being pecked to death by older chickens, baby chicks have a  hard road ahead of them.  I'm giving you some practical tips as well as design tips over at Houzz today on how to raise those chicks up healthy and happy into adulthood!  CLICK HERE for the full article!

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Courtenay@Creek Line House Tuesday, January 22, 2013  

Eeeee! One day when I grow up I'm so going to have some cute little banties running around. My gramma's farm used to have ducks and geese and chickens and bunnies and horses and everything and I remember helping her with the little chicks so fondly.

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