Heirloom Parties MAKE ME FAT

...and after this morning's inspiring and motivating post (I hope!), in a funny twist of fate, I'm going to direct your attention BACK towards gluttony. 
So hopefully by now, you all made sure to grab up your FREE copy of the Heiroloom Holiday Recipe Ebook
You haven't!  oh my!  GO NOW!  They won't be free forever!  CLICK HERE for the ebook!

After you've indulged in the sweets and treats in the book, you won't want to miss the recipes readers linked up from THEIR heirloom recipe archives.  Here are a few of my favorites... 

Carrie linked up these lovely, yummy peppermint wheels (how does she get them to look so professional???) My cookies always come out looking a little beat up. Certainly not like these...

carrie's cookie

…and then there are the recipes that are just plain going to make me fat (er).  Like seriously…who can resist?
:from Joanna - Black Bottom Cupcakes                  :from Melissa - THIS cobbler                           :from Debi – Oreo stuffed Peppermint Cookies

Yeah – those totally have an OREO in them.

…to start the diet after all that…need a little of THIS:      
healthier heirloom

oh heavens these link parties just MAKE ME FAT.  UGH.

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