3 Ways to Gift Canvas PhotoArt and Photographs with SNAPBOX

The way I see it, you've got a couple choices when gifting photos, canvases and the like to friends and family. 
 It all boils down to three basic concepts:

1.  Where I wish I could be
2.  What I want to remember
3.  What I can't forget

Now at first those last two especially might sound like the same thing, but follow along with me, k?

1.  Where I wish I could be...

The first one is easy.  Where would your gift target like to be?  the beach?  the mountains?  amid a bed of roses?  with every, single last grandchild??  Whatever it is -- give that person something in a photo that they can't have right this second.

For my father-in-law (shhhhhhhh don't tell!) it is a photo of the lake where they have owned a cabin for years and years and years.  Taken on a foggy morning, the photo will "take him away" when he looks at it to a place he wishes he could be in.

2.  What I want to remember...

 When thinking about your gift target, think about what they want to remember, rather than what is reality.  Seems weird, doesn't it?  I bet you have all done it though.  You know that family photo shoot where the kids are misbehaving and punching each other in the gut and jumping off the photo props instead of using them properly?  Yeah, I've been there.  ...and so have you.   

The pictures that come out of the shoot though?  They are beautiful and precious and do NOT give an accurate portrayal of the day.  They DO however give you a piece of tangible memories of what your children are like.  They might not be angels all the time, but sometimes, they hug each other and it looks just. like. this.  Capture that moment, even if it has to be staged and give them the gift that captures what they want to remember.

Wondering about the canvases?  They are pretty cool, aren't they?  They are simply photos printed on canvas and snapped into black frames, courtesy of Snapbox.  You can order directly from your phone (yay instagram pics!) or your computer and they ship straight to your door or local photo retailer.

The best part?  The largest canvas (10x13 - pictured) only costs...................

Yeah, you are going to have to wait for it -- it'll blow your socks off!
 In the meantime, check out the finish on the canvas stretching and the texture of the printed front.  
Pretty, isn't it?

3.  What I can't forget...

How is not forgetting different from what you want to remember?  Aren't they the same thing?  Well....not really.   This last category is the hardest to gift, but can often be the most precious.  For me, this photo below evokes an emotion in me every single time I look at it.  I can literally feel the temperature of the air, smell the green frehness of Longwood and feel the damp jeans hitting the back of my ankles as we walked up this hill.  I remember hoping those pink cheeks wouldn't make him sick.  I remember that sticky sticker on his green coat.  I remember him "driving" the stroller around and around Longwood through the rain while everyone else huddled under shelter.  This one picture gives me all of that back for an instant.  It is not a beautiful picture.  It is not even technically proper (notice the lack of light on his eyes).  For the mama who spent the entire day with this little trooper however, this photo is priceless.  I can't forget the day we spent together and this photo makes sure that I do not.

So whether you are gifting a photo of a place they wish they could be, a person they want to remember or a moment they can't forget -- why not consider gifting it on canvas?

...and when the canvas is only $25...who could resist?  That's right!  Only $25 for the 10x 13 and prices go DOWN from there!

...but guess what is BETTER than $25?  

That's right!  I've teamed up with Snapbox to offer one lucky winner 3 (THREE!) canvases for FREE!  Pick any size, any photo!  All YOU have to do is comment below and tell me what picture YOU would choose!

Want to order your own?  Fabulous!  Head on over to Snapbox and follow these instructions:

How to order:
  1. Select the photos you would like to gift (or buy for yourself!)
  2. Email three photos individually to snapbox@snapboxez.com via mobile phone, tablet or computer. (They even have an ideal frame size for Instagram -- you can email your picture right from the app!)
    • Once you’ve received your SnapBox preview email (should arrive within a few minutes), click on "Order Yours Now."
  3. Select any size you want for your photo and add to cart. Do the same for your other two photos -- you will only have to check out once.
    • Once you've added all three photos to your cart, click on "View Cart" and you should see all three photos.
    • Fill out your billing (and shipping, if different) information.
    • When ready, click on “Place Order.”

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Sara said…
oooh I would for sure get a set of prints of my family and I, living so far from home you really miss them!
tuttut said…
I would love a canvas of my twins first birthday. It would so cute and one I want to remember!
Jessica Kielman said…
I would love canvases of some of our beach pictures...what a great product!
I would LOVE some canvases of the boys! How totally cool, yo! Haha...
Amy Peca said…
This would be amazing! I would make canvases of great moments with family and friends that hold a special place in my heart.
I would totally get some pictures of the baby!! Poor third kid has been neglected in that area!
Love this as a gift idea! Love the frames! I would love some canvases of the boys! My oldest is coming home from college in a week!! Whoo-hoo mama is so happy :D
Your photos are beautiful Amy and they look wonderful framed. That's a great price for framing too, and they look like they are great quality - thanks!
heidimiller said…
Oh boy! I think I would get some canvases of the kiddos...or maybe the hubby and I or maybe my parents with the kiddos...hmmm...the possibilities are endless! Thanks for the chance to win some! :)
Kristin said…
Well, I would probably give them as gifts to either my sister or my mom, so they would have to be photos of my adorable niece and nephews!
Lucy Farmer said…
These are great! I can't believe they are only $25!! You have great ideas of what to give. Seriously, i love the idea of giving someone a gift of a place you would like to be! Thanks for the ideas!
linda purvis said…
I have a black and white photo I had to sneak to take, of my 17 yo camera shy son. He makes my heart smile. I alos have a black and white photo of me and my couisns taken in the mid '60's. We were all at Grandma's for an Easter Egg Hunt. Some have passed on, but this photo brings back the care-free days of my youth.
Amy Renea said…
oh linda those sound so darling!!! All y'all have such lovely ideas! Oh what I would give to gift all of you canvases!!! Snapbox are ya listening?!? Maybe they can hook us up with a discount code!
Ginger Walls said…
I would love a canvas of Landon. Thanks for the giveaway!
The Pashley's said…
Love these!! Need my daughters gorgeous face on these canvases!
alesha cupples said…
My adopted son and my baby boy together...to give to grandparents and great grandparents. We will be moving soon and i know they r going to miss the boys like crazy
Carrie said…
I have a photo of my kids whispering to each other. It's an absolute precious moment and I'd LOVE to have it hanging in my home. Plus give one to the grandmas, too. Thanks for the chance!