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15 November 2012

Plant a Plot of... | Round 1

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Today we play a little game I like to call "Plant a Plot of..."  (PaPo for short!)

How to play?  It is simple.  Look at this garden and tell me what you think should be planted in the green space.  Grasses?  roses?  A climber?  A bush?

Notice that the space is surrounded by various shapes and little bursts of red, pink and lime.  What color should the plant be -- should it bloom?  What shape should it have?

Share your answer in the comment section, or just jump in the forum under "Plant a Plot of..." and share your opinions and expert advice!

Want to add your garden to the lineup for "Plant a Plot of..."?  Send me your photo in the forum and you will be next!  You can share a garden photo of a space you designed that is well planned or a space you need some help with - either goes!Join the discussion right HERE!

PaPo CLUE:  A reader on Houzz gave me a HARD time about planting these from cuttings...

PaPo BONUS POINTS! - What sport did my boys enjoy playing earlier in the day before this photo was taken?
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Kelly Friday, November 16, 2012  

I love this idea! I have a black thumb and little to no knowledge of gardening whatsoever, but I'm excited to see what everyone suggests!

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