How to Take Photos on a Super Bright Day

Same settings, same tree, same time of day.  How can two pictures look completely different? 
It is all in the angle and you CAN get decent photos even on a bright, sunny day!

These two photos are taken with the same settings,
 of the same tree at the same time of day.

What is the difference?

The second photo was taken of the top of the tree, right where the light was hitting the leaves. 
It is washed out, there are shadows everywhere and it is almost difficult to see what it is.

The first photo still has shadows, but at least you can see some detail and there are high and low (light and dark) points in the photograph.  The only difference is that this photo was taken with camera about 12 inches lower, under the shade of the top tier of branches.  A tiny bit of shade can make ALL the difference in getting a shot that will work!

So the answer to how to shoot in bright sunlight? 

This photo of Kara is taken in full shade on a sunny day.
Moral of the story?  Train your eye to look for shade and move your subjects into the more flattering light.  
If your subjects are immovable (i.e. a TREE), find the best available shade you can, under expose a step and cross your fingers!

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Karen said…
Love this tip Amy as I take a lot of photographs for my business. Thanks!
Amy Renea said…
Glad it helped a bit Karen :) What type of business do you run?