How to Survive a Photoshoot with Kids!

It is getting late in the season now, so if you haven't gotten family photos yet and you want to -- HURRY! Here are a few of my best tips for making it through the photosession without breakdowns and sadness.

1. Make sure your child has been well fed and well rested before the shoot. The worst time for a photoshoot is naptime!

2. Feel free to dress your child in super cute clothing! However, if they really don't want to wear a hat or certain uncomfortable shoes, don't make them. They will much better expressions and have more fun if they are comfortable.

3. When you arrive, we will start with some casual photos. As parents, you can step back for a few minutes and let your child play and get used to having me around with a camera. If they are scared however, feel free to hold and cuddle them for a little bit. I can get cute shots of that too!

4. When it comes to posing family shots, the best way to get great photos with everyone smiling and looking at the camera is to have the adults stay as still as possible and keep smiling and laughing while looking at camera. Just imagine your husband (or wife) is literally within the camera lens looking back at your from down the wedding aisle. That's the look we need your eyes. Just keep shooting love daggers at the camera and ignore everything your children are doing. I know this is very hard! However, if the parents are great in every shot, it is easy for me to take care of making sure baby is happy and looking the right direction. I will worry about those kiddos! You just keep shooting love daggers!

5. Have fun! The best photos are taken when you are genuinely having fun with your kiddos! You will be playing more of an "acting" role than model role at the shoot. Don't worry about being in the perfect position...I'll give you little instructions throughout the shoot to make you look your best. If you concentrate on acting like you are having a great time, it will make fantastic photos!

BONUS tip:  Bribing is ok just this once.  Whether it is a lollipop or a new toy, bad parenting (read: serious bribing) can make for great photos.  If you have to break out a lollipop and wave it behind my head while I'm taking photos of your kid -- that is ok ;)

Want to try a DIY photo session with your kids?  Keep reading HERE!

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YOU truly are the master at this. I could write a post titled exactly the same thing. Here goes:

How to survive a photoshoot with kids:

1. Hire Amy Renea
2. Totally chill and have a blast and laugh with your family as she does her magic

The end.