You Don’t Have to Quit Blogging

Lately in blogland, I’ve heard a lot of my friends talk about quitting.  I’ve read posts and tweets and articles on giving it all up.  Throw in the towel.  Just quit.  Blogging isn’t worth it.  It is ruining my relationships, stifling my creativity and turning me into a jealous person.  I’m going to just stop.
While those are all valid opinions, and certainly might be right for some, may I suggest that it isn’t right for everyone. 

Just because you are overwhelmed, tired, drained, sick of stats and competition – that doesn’t mean you are sick of blogging.  Perhaps it just means you need a rest.  perhaps it just means that you need to start blogging again.  Huh, what?

You heard me – I said you might simply need to start blogging again.  Perhaps you just aren’t writing and creating anymore.  Perhaps you are overwhelmed with sponsored posts, counting your unique visitors or comparing your latest alexa score with your neighbor.  Perhaps you should just write.

Of course, I don’t know what you need, but I know what I need.  I know I need to stop following some friends.  I know I need to blog and log and shut the computer.  I know that if I quit blogging, I will look for something else to do because I get bored in a millisecond.  Blogging is a great track for me – it is a good job.  I just need to do it and then do the rest of life at the same time.

I guess what I am really trying to say is that this blogging game is not black and white.  It is not a rat race or quit.  There is an in-between.  Sane people live in the in-between and use the blogging to enhance their life.  Blogging gets them to try new recipes or clean the kitchen sink or vacuum the carpet because they are taking pictures of the space.  Blogging can make you read more, think more, do more, be more.  It can also sink you into the pit of jealousy, envy and depression.  It is not one extreme or the other though.  There IS an in-between.  Find it and live there and don’t quit unless you really should. 


Hi Amy. I think we should just blog for ourselves, hey? I'm not a big blogger because I have a family and could never sit in front of the computer when I should be with my family. To me my family comes first! Sorry, I'd write more but the kid is bugging me for breakfast, what's up with that eh??
Melissa said…
Oh, you're so right about this. Good thing I have no idea how to interpret my stats or improve them. My ignorant bliss allows me to just write and enjoy blogging. :) I adore you and your blog, and I hope you never ever quit!
Amy Renea said…
awww shucks Melissa :) That sounds like a session for next year, yeah?? Seriously though, your writing is fabulous and I can't wait for your blog to blow up (in a good way!!).

Heather - yes - yes and yes, yes, yes. ...and you are too funny girl :)