What is THE FORUM and what does it do for ME?

You might have noticed a few new buttons pop up along the top of the page over the weekend. No? Look up! Along with redesigned social networking buttons, there are brand new buttons. One is titled {Blog Prompts} and the other THE FORUM.forumGood question!  THE FORUM is a place where you can share your opinions and get feedback.  A place where you can start a discussion, ask questions and get answers.  A place where you can join a community of blog writers and blog readers.  A place where you will find regular blog prompts to get you writing, photo challenges to get you snapping and inspiration in bushels! 
Typical forums are hosted on one website, with that blog or site receiving all of the “hits”.  A community forms, but it is centralized in one spot.  This forum is different because it is one forum found on many different blogs.  What does that mean for you as a blog reader?  You are exposed to more blogs that are similar to blogs you already read and love.  You get to chat with readers of other blogs.  You get to support a whole network of bloggers by chatting on THEIR sites instead of on their facebook pages or other external sites.
You see, facebook has hurt bloggers by “hiding” their pages from subscribers.  Bloggers are having to beg readers to add them to “interest lists” or just plain PAY to have their post reach folks that already “like” their page.  It’s kind of rotten, isn’t it?   So let’s bring it back home and chat ON our blogs!  Let’s just do it together!
who can joinAnybody!  If you are here reading this blog, you can join!  Just jump in the conversation and get talking.  The only rule?  Be nice.  To everybody.
how do iYou can jump in and answer a question or two.  Feel free to start your own topic with a question or comment.  Start a poll.  Be inspired by a blog prompt and share your blog post on the forum.  Complete a photo challenge and share your photos.   Be brave and be vocal!
who can hostOur network of bloggers is focused on home and garden,  including various home crafts such as food, photography, DIY, design and garden.  If you run a blog that focuses on any of these topics and consistently post quality content, we want you to be part of the forum!    If you want to join THE FORUM as a host, you will simply place a piece of code on a page of your blog.  THE FORUM will show up automatically including all the chatter that has come before.  Your job?  Add to the conversation!  Think of your own {Blog Prompts} and [Photo Challenges].  Create topics based on blog posts you have written.  Take a poll of all the forum members, stretching across multiples blog readerships.  Share your links, share other’s links, answer questions, ask questions.  Anything you would do on facebook – do it here. 
benefitYOU get the hits on your site for any readers that visit the forum on your blog.  YOU get hits that were going to facebook. YOU get new readers jumping over from other home and garden bloggers and YOU get love and support from a great blogging community.
So dive in and say Hello!   Don’t be shy!  Check out the various branches of the forum.  Explore a little!  If you decide you would like to be part of the blogger network hosting THE FORUM (It’s free!), just let me (Amy Renea) know!  I will get you a button like the one below (@ YOUR BLOG!) and the code for the FORUM.  I can’t wait for you to join us!
forum button
Want to check out the other hosts?   You can find their forum pages below!
List will be updated periodically.  Let me know if you don’t see your name! 

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Meghan Newsom said…
still a little confusing:/ But I'm going to jump over to your forum and see if I can join in! Thanks amy:)
Amy Renea said…
I know - i know!! :) New things always take some "ironing out the kinks time" -- let me know if you find anything that functions weird or doesn't make sense!!

Glad to have you aboard the crazy train Meghan! :)