Stop Following Your Friends on Facebook

Wait.  Isn’t that what facebook is for?  Yeah, not anymore it seems.  I can’t even FIND my real friend’s status updates anymore – so much for friends.  No really though,  hear me out.  I have a good case for stopping all the following on facebook.  Here is why…
stop following

They are better than you.

AWWWWW no – your self esteem is bleeding…stop it, stop it, stop it.  relax.  Not ALL your friends are better than you, but some of them are.  Those are the ones you need to stop following – especially when they post 11,000 times a day.  Unless you are a person that never deals with jealousy.  In that case, go right on ahead and follow whomever you want.  Tell them I say Hello.

If you are anything like me though, you get jealous.  You get particularly jealous when a lot of your friends are bloggers and writers and photographers that are doing amazing things.  You are happy for their success, but deep down that evil part of you twinges and wishes that you had worked harder, met the right people, stayed up later and accomplished that success for yourself.  Don’t lie.  You know you do.

So what to do?  Do you cut off all ties with that person? Say goodbye t the friendship? 
Are you nuts?

Unless that person is terrible and making you feel jealous, there is no reason to leave them in the dust just because of your own insecurities.


You can stop following them.  You don’t need to know know about every. single. minor achievement they have or every. single. name they drop.  It’s ok to not follow your friends.  You can still support them.  You can still talk about them and share their posts with your audience and even have an actual relationship with them outside of facebook, blogland, twitter and instagram.  Go have coffee.  …and stop following them.

Their numbers are so big they will never notice and if they do?  Well, a good friend understands.

…and dear friends…if you notice that I drop off your facebook follower list?  Well, that is only because you are amazing.  Let’s have coffee, k?


I’ve got a lot to say about this week, so come back for more and find out why I am fed up with blogging.  For reals yo.

fed up

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This is so refreshing to hear!! Glad to know that I am not the only one that feels that way!!
Lollie Weeks said…
You hit my nail on the head -- I try to be happy for other's successes, then I go beat myself up for not working hard or long enough. I tell myself we all achieve our own successes in our own time, but, well...its a learning process.
Carrie said…
I never thought about that, but you are right. I'll be honest though, and this is VERY judgey-- I actually don't feel jealous over my friends' accomplishments if they are good, kind people. They give me a sense of "wow, so-and-so is kinda a big deal! what can I learn from that?" It's the sorta-friends that namedrop or discuss pageviews publicly on Facebook that get under my skin. Is that so wrong?
Carrie said…
And I mean that it's judge-y on my end, as if it's okay for me to evaluate the kindness/sincerity/intent of friends. It's probably not. But I do it anyways. ;-)
Amy Renea said…
I don't know if it is "judgey" or not Care-bear (can I call you that?), but I sometimes do the same thing. I think perhaps more than anything your wor "intent" is more on the money than anything else. If it seems kind and simply self-promotional, I can handle it. When it gets braggy, I dunnot wanna see it :)
Amy Renea said…
Lollie - You are so DEAD ON right...learn learn learn - get knocked down and learn- learn learn some more...
Hi I'm Shannon! said…
Oh my goodness.. let's have coffee. Priceless. Thanks for the giggle girl!!
Amy Renea said…
YES Let's Shannon!!! I'm game!! :)