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05 October 2012

SPOOKY SCARY glow-in-the-dark CAT EYES

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cat eyes title

Pretty scary aren’t they?  Just wait until it gets dark out….that’s when those “cat” eyes start to get really creepy…
It all started when I received my box of product from the illustrious Mod Podge.  Inside was an assortment of goodies including a
glow-in-the dark mod podge and an antique glazing mod podge.  I had an epiphany when I headed to the basement for laundry.

Wreath Forms.  Old Sheets.  Cheesecloth.

wreath forms

Have you ever seen these metal rings at garage sales and didn’t know what they were for?  I did, but I bought them anyway at 25 cents a pop.  Lucky for me, I now have a full assortment of the forms and I finally know what they are for…not that I’m using them for wreaths or anything…
For this project, I simply placed the form into an old white pillowcase.  Then cut a rough outline around the form, leaving an inch or so on each side.  Hot glue the ends to the back of the circle.  Stretch cheesecloth over the front of the form and attach to the back with hot glue.
 cut around wreath formsheet hot glued to formcheesecloth over fabric
Then you get to break out the mod podge.  Simply apply the mod podge around the edges first, defining the rim of the wreath form.  Then start applying the product towards the center of the form until the entire eye is covered.
painting edges of eyeballspainting eyeballs
Cut eyes out of black felt and pupils out of leftover white sheeting.  The white pupils is contrary to nature, but important when using glow-in-the-dark products.  The glow will be much more pronounced on a light fabric than on a darker one.  I decided to make this set of eyes angry, so they received angry eyebrows made out of chopsticks wrapped in black felt.

eyes 2 amy renea a nest for all seasonsDSC_6946

See that thing sticking out of the eye?  That is a solar light to make the eyes glow from the back.

DSC_6950angry cat eyes
Why the solar lights?  Well, the glow-in-the-dark paint works, but it doesn’t last unless it is under a black light. 
Sad, I know!  Aren’t they cool looking?
glow in the dark eyes total amy renea a nest for all seasons
Instead of relying on the glow-in-the-dark paint alone, I decided to uplight the eyes and now they are sufficiently spooky. 
glow in the dark eyes uplighting amy renea a nest for all seasons eyes 3 amy renea a nest for all seasons

If you look closely in some of the photos, you might see other eyes in the distance.
There is a whole family of creepy eyeballs around our yard this time of year…
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