Joe + Devon at Fort Hunter | Harrisburg Wedding Photography

joe   devonMeet Joe and Devon. They are sweet and kind and so easy to work with it is kind of unbelievable. Devon was not a rushed and harried bride. In fact, she was just the opposite. We met a few short weeks before the wedding and though most brides (and grooms!) are running a bit ragged by this point, Devon and Joe were calm, collected and knew exactly what they wanted. Devon wanted to channel Martha Stewart Fall without the look going cheesy and she absolutely accomplished what she set out to do.
  With 12 bridesmaids and 12 groomsmen, this was the largest bridal party I had ever photographed, but they too were fun, easy to work with and easy to pose.   It was my honor to be Devon and Joe’s photographer and spend the day with their family and friends. 
I’ve added a few tips and tricks for photographers and clients alike for you – enjoy!!

You would think with 12 maids and 12 men, the photos would be impossible, but everyone cooperated and ran and jumped and walked through mud and fire (no not really).  They were fantastic sports about the whole thing and made the process quick and easy.

This stone barn was the perfect backdrop for a host of shots.  Why?  The stone was beautiful in and of itself, the slits created beautiful symmetry and the flat face of the barn provided shade from the midday sun, blocked most of a parking lot and was set against a bank of sky.  The only problem?  There was a telephone pole that jutted out into that expanse of sky.  Can you figure out where I removed it?
See it now?
tip 3
tip 2tip1DSC_8569copy
tip 4
Your photographer doesn’t know everything about you, your family, your friends and your history.  Don’t be afraid to ask them for a silly shot that is fun for you or has sentimental value.  I would have never in a million years thought to ask the bride to fake strangle her maid of honor, but Devon asked and it was simple to do.  Your photographer will not think you are stupid or “too bold” for asking.  They appreciate suggestions!!

CLICK HERE to check out the amazing cathedral and ceremony!

The photos seen above were taken at the gorgeous and expansive Fort Hunter of Harrisburg, PA.  The day did not begin at Fort Hunter however.  The day began at Joe and Devon’s parish, a hidden jewel in the little steel town, aptly named Steelton.  Prince of Peace Parish literally knocks your socks off when you walk in the door.  I mean seriously – would you expect this ceiling in the middle of central PA?
Cathedrals and dark churches can be difficult to photograph due to the lack of light and super high ceilings.  Flash gets weak by the time it bounces off the ceiling, so I choose to mainly use available light when possible.  The picture below seems light and bright, but the church was not.  I utilized a higher ISO, low ap, boost exposure compensation and made good use of my tripod to capture the details.
tip 5
For more dramatic looks, I lowered the ISO,  increased aperture for more detail and made sure my tripod and hand were VERY steady.
Questions, please ask!
In the meantime, let’s go out with this montage of the oh-so fabulous Devon and Joe and their beautiful wedding mass.joe_and_devon_3
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Laurali Star said…
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Love the photography, the wedding colors, and your cool tips! I actually just wrote a post today on my blog about my secret relationship with my camera. Hope you get to check it out and have a great day, Amy:)
Rachel Jones said…
Hi Amy. These pictures are amazing! We had so much fun with you on Saturday. I particularlly like the shot of me and Devon strangling each other : ) Great job!
Amy Renea said…
Laurali - will do!!

Rachel - Thanks for stopping by! You guys were all fun and fabulous to work with -- thanks for making it easy on me!
Beautiful photos Amy and wonderful tips, thank you!
Paul Hadfield said…
I was just Googling for Steelton history and stumbled upon your shot from inside the Prince of Peace church. Went to grade school there back in the early 80's when it was called Assumption of Blessed Virgin Mary. To see that church again as being not too different than I remember brought back many memories. Thank you for taking the time to document and share this remarkable architecture.