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23 October 2012

I’m smiling because it’s potty time!

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Ok, so maybe I’m not SMILING smiling, because who like potty training {???}, but at least I’ve got smiley FACES now.

smiley faces

Our 2 year old will be 3 this winter, so I am attempting to get the poor guy potty trained so diapers will be a thing of the past in this house.  The first two boys trained in a little under a week right after they turned three.  I think I am pushing things because I am very, very finished with 6 years of diapers.  So let’s get potty trained – RIGHT NOW!!  Of course, that is easier said than done.  Enter the potty time chart.  Cute right?

potty time 2

Of course, ours is looking a TEENY bit more beat up from tiny baby hands putting on stickers, but it is slowly but surely working!  He’s still not making it to the potty every time he needs to “go”, but potty time IS a happy time in our house.  That is a battle WON!

potty chart

See that star on the “20”?  There are stars every ten smileys for a “prize”, so kiddos are not only rewarded with a sticker each time they go, but they have a push towards a goal for the next time.  Get them thinking about stickers in the future and now they are thinking about going POTTY in the future.  More stickers for them – less diapers for me.  SCORE>

potty time

Are you potty training a little guy or gal at home right now?  What has worked/ not worked for you???

Share your opinions – ideas – strategies on the FORUM. (look under the ‘for Parents’ section!)

smiley faces

Want to try the PottyTime Chart?  You can buy your own HERE for $2.99.

Headed to Allume and want to try your own potty time chart?  Just holla at me and I’ll hook you up!


Courtenay@Creek Line House Tuesday, October 23, 2012  

Oh potty training... I have a confession to make about how we potty trained our daughter. I'll head over to the forums now!

Jenny @ BirdsAndSoap Tuesday, October 30, 2012  

3 years old on the dot for my daughter! I pushed and pushed from 18 months, gave up around 2 1/2, then realized I was just training myself. She waited till she was good and ready and never looked back. My youngest daughter will be 3 in Feb. and she's only interested sometimes. I'm just praying that she will follow after her sister!

Val Curtis Friday, November 02, 2012  

Brilliant. My little sticker lover will be ALL OVER this!

Laura Wednesday, November 21, 2012  

I am glad he's loving it! fun note - I was potty trained with stickers and my sister M&Ms. Stickers just did not provide enough motivation for her, apparently. I am glad your little one is loving the stickers. He has good taste :).

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