I support a blogger...LITERALLY.

Hello I am Amy's husband and I am hacking her blog to say some things about how blogging has affected her.

1. See the video below for a list of ways blogging has changed her into an even more amazing woman. She's always been wonderfully creative and focused, but blogging and being part of the Allume community has given her a great way to develop that.
2. Blogging has given her a good outlet for her emotions. She's not drinking as much and not hitting me as often.
3. She's hot. That doesn't apply to blogging really, but it's true.
4. It's made us very wealthy. She doesn't like me to talk about it, but she made $400,000 last year. She bought me a jet-ski with last month's ad revenue!

xoxo Ace Pin It
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You two cute kids ... what a sweet tribute to you, Amy!
awwwwwwwww! YEAH BABY to the jet ski. Next time we get together, you are buying lunch.
Ha ha you! Ace, you were really rockin' the video (was that a chicken or a skunk??) and it was very sweet at the same time! Nice to "meet" the Mr. Nest!
Amy Renea said…
Y'all are too sweet :) Darlene - sorry but french fries is all I can afford ;)

Heather -- that was a tiny chicken that we call "cotton ball" --- is it any wonder why?
I love this so much!! Made my night! XO, Aimee
Diana Denis said…
that was hilarious!! so glad no one is getting beatings anymore. LOL!
Lollie Weeks said…
I think I have a bit of a crush on your adorable husband. Such sweet sentiments.