Good morning all!  I wanted to give you a heads up going into next week -- we're going to talk about being FED UP.  FED UP, FED UP, FED UP!

Fed up with blogging that is.  (Hear! Hear!  anyone??)

fed up
If you are NOT fed up with blogging, then you might still want to stick around and offer encouragement to those who ARE (I hear there are a lot of us!)  ...and just so you know...the fed up series is about getting frustrated and fixing things, so I'll be sharing a few things that work for me and YOU will be sharing a few things that work for you!   (or you can just rant and vent and say what you think Winking smile)

How?  Well, feel free to vent, complain, round up old posts about things that are just rubbing you the wrong way in blogland, things that make you wish you weren’t blogging anymore and anything else that might come to mind,  Then come and link up your posts here!  The rules?  Simply make sure your post fits the theme.  No buttons, no links, no hoops to jump through.  Every other day, I will be picking one of YOUR posts to highlight, so the earlier you link up, the more people will see your rant.  Need ideas for posts?

Here are some questions you might want to answer:
What frustrates you about blogging?
Have you ever felt like throwing in the towel?  Why?
Do you struggle with time management?
Do you struggle to connect with other bloggers?
Do you feel like blogland is just high school all over again?
Why do you blog?  Has that changed?  Why?
Have you lost the joy of writing?  Why?
Are you overwhelmed?  tired?  hopeful?  hopeless?  restless?  jealous?  envious? 
Out of money?  Out of motivation?  Out of ideas?  Out of friends?  Out of luck?
Spill your guts darlings.


Amy Renea said…
yes, yes, yes!!! The balance has totally been tipped too far for me!!! I need to get my mojo BACK!
Four Flights said…
wow this will be a very interesting series to follow! can't wait :) I go through seasons,right now I'm good, but I've CERTAINLY been there!
I'm so excited to read this series and hear how everyone else finds balance!
you know i am excited about this series! :) i am not so fed up with blogging as i am with the direction it has headed over the past year with a focus on statistics and pageviews.... rather than the connections and people.
i am working hard on forgetting about those things that make me feel competitive and just all over icky.... i want to get back the love and the fun!
Carrie said…
Yes, yes and yes. I go back and forth between loving blogging and being incredibly frustrated and caught up in the 'race' it's become. Blogs like your lovely one keep my feet firmly grounded. I'm so looking forward to this series!
Laurali Star said…
I can totally understand the frustration but if its something you really, really want with all of your heart, I say never give up. Also, don't take it too seriously. I've found that when I make it about something else or I'm just having fun with the topics, I yield a better response.