DIY Gourmet Flavored Oil

Gourmet flavored oils are hilarious to me.  They charge an arm and a leg for something you can make in literally five minutes.  Don’t buy them! 

Make them!
What do you need?
Oil and spices. That’s it.  Oh, and bottles.

Get your spices from the “bulk” section of the grocery store or a store that specializes in bulk items.  My mom picks up spices for me at a bulk store in the Amish town they live in, but I have seen them in my local Giant or local Sharp Shopper (thanks Nicole!).  Whole spices are prettier, but ground spices will flavor the oil more quickly.  Take your pick!  Have fun with selecting your spices because you can pretty much get whatever you want.  Instead of paying 4-5 dollars for a tiny bottle of spices in the spice aisle, you can get big boxes of them for just a dollar or two. 

Add spices that complement each other into empty olive oil bottles, then top it off with some bulk olive oil (thanks Costco!).  Allow the oils to sit for several weeks to absorb the flavor and then go to town with them in your cooking.  For my combinations I chose:
  • Fennel and Bay with a hint of Ginger and Rosemary
  • Curry and Chile Hot Oil
  • Anise, Peppercorn and a mystery spice I can’t remember

Tag those puppies and you are DONE!
I used the basic white core’dinations tags – $1.58 for a pack of 15.
Pick yours up at Consumer Crafts or through amazon:


Nessa Bixler said…
i want a bulk spice counter now! This is so awesome...and you make it so pretty.
Anonymous said…
Great Article!

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