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25 September 2012

The Money Shots for Square Layouts

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I’ve spent a year or so submitting to craftgawker, and now Looksi, Tasteologie and other square layout compilation sites over and over and over again.  I often know whether a photo is going to be rejected or not, but sometimes I submit things just to push my limits and see how far I can toe the line.  (Yes, just like a toddler.)  Sometimes I will send in a photo that I know is not a “money shot” layout, but I want to do something a little more creative.  It often gets rejected, but once in awhile is accepted.  I will sometimes send in a post that I know if a weeeeeee bit too garden philosophy as opposed to garden craft, and I am not surprised to see it rejected.  Sometimes, however, I am happily surprised that my post is accepted and I am thrilled that a few more girls will learn that gardening is really just an extension of love for Anthro and babies

Sometimes, I send in shots that are correctly exposed and I know (I KNOW) they will get rejected, but I don’t want to blow out the whites, so I submit it as is.  Then, of course, it is rejected and I have to go back in photoshop and boost the curves, blow out the whites and resubmit.  You would think I would learn, right?

So what are the “money shots”?  What are the typical layouts for a square form that will typically be accepted by craftgawker and the like if the photos if light, bright and sharp.

SHHHHHHRRRRREEEEECH – stop just a minute.  May I remind you that no matter WHAT layout you are using, if your photo is not LIGHT, BRIGHT and SHARP, it will not be accepted.  OH – and make sure your content is craft related (or food related or whatever).  Nothing stops an editor dead in their tracks like a post that has nothing to do with crafts.

OK.  SO.  The layouts.  I typically use 5.
#1 Straight On Center      (Center the subject, shoot on the same plane as subject)
#2 Straight On Bottom Right Quadrant     (Put subject in bottom right quadrant, shoot on same plane as subject)
#3 3/4 Above, Subject in Quadrant       (Shoot from 3/4 above, not top down, not straight on, but 3/4 of the way between the two)
#4 Top Down     (Camera up high, shooting top down, typically onto a floor or table subject)
#5 Fill the Frame      (Fill the square frame with sharp, close up details)

Here is a portion of my craftgawker gallery. 
Can you find those layouts here?  Try!!
craftgawker gallery 1
Were you right?  Were you able to pick out the different layouts?
craftgawker gallery with numbers
Your assignment?  Check out your own photos and see if they fall into these categories.  Should you crop them?  Should you shoot your subject again?  Remember, the shots much be LIGHT, BRIGHT and SHARP and then utilize a correct layout for the best chance of success!
Have you submitted your work to craftgawker?  Taste spotting?  notcot?  How did it go?  Are you a fan?  Feel like you are the only one with rejections?  Well, be assured that you are not the only one and that you CAN get your work accepted if you keep working at it and just keep trying!  Here is a portion of my rejections….
craftgawker rejections
Yes – that is just a portion.  I TOLD you I’ve been experimenting for over a year.  That means LOTS of rejection!  You are NOT alone!  If you are scared of the rejection, you might try Looksi first and then "graduate" to Craftgawker.  The submission process is a little easier at Looksi :)

SUBMIT HERE for Looksi

SUBMIT HERE for Craftgawker

Want to learn more?  Check out yesterday’s post on PHOTO LAYOUTS
and just know that my first submission to craftgawker of THAT post was rejected.  So it goes folks!
To be encouraged, check out my full craftgawker galley HERE.  Your turn!!  Share your stuff!!

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