{Styled} by Tori Spelling

So if you’ve been following along on instagram (I’m Amy Renea!) you might start to think I am COMPLETELY self absorbed.  I mean seriously, how many pictures of ones’ self must one take over the course of a weekend?  Well, yes, I probably am a little more self absorbed than I should be, but the reason for all of the photos was not MYSELF per se, but the lovely necklaces I was wearing.

necklace 2necklace 3necklace 4necklace 1

The awesome and amazing Consumer Crafts provided all of the jewelry I wore this past weekend at the Springboard Conference and not only was it beautiful, but I was able to get creative with it.  You see, these pieces come literally in pieces.  There are top and bottom pieces for necklaces, chains for bracelets, pendants to attach connectors – anything you might need to make jewelry – minus the work.  I’m not big on stringing beads for hours, but putting together two pieces with two connectors?  Yes!  THAT is my cup of tea!

My favorite look was the white beaded necklace that I put together using two bracelet pieces around the back instead of a single strand necklace top.  I had pearls on one side and chain on the other and I loved it!

consumercraft necklace showing detailtitle page shot  amy renea a anestforallseasons
The cool thing about this line?
Even though I got chose the same necklace as my friend Andrea,
she was putting hers together in a completely different way.
 Cool, huh?
Andrea’s got a full blown tutorial over on her site as well, so if you want to learn more about the line before you buy, go visit her HERE!
Want to try yourself?  check out the {styled} by Tori Spelling line at Consumer Crafts right HERE!
Check out this amazing selection.  Snap two pieces together and you have custom earrings.  Nape three together and you have a necklace.  Combine golds and silvers and hematite at will.  Get creative without all the tedious work.  This is SO my kind of crafting!
full {styled} line amy renea a nest for all seasons



and the necklaces are SO cute too :)
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