Saving a Yankee

After creating my vases and votives for the Martha Stewart glass paint campaign, I just couldn't stop.  I literally ran around the house finding as many glass containers as I could to deck out in paint.  Once I ran out of empty jars, I had to get creative and the first thing that came to mind was my army of Yankee candles.

They are wonderful and make my home smell delicious, but I don't like the labels.  Typically I just turn them around (see above) and use them plain, but now that I have a truckload of silkscreens and glass paint at my disposal, I can save them from the plain life!


 The technique is simple...

One silkscreen, 30 seconds of painting and pull that screen off.

(want to see detailed steps of the process?  Click HERE!)

Now doesn't that seem better than the over-designed label from the store?
Yeah...I thought so too...

What have YOU been creating lately?

PS - Want to see more rescued Yankees?  
I'm showing off some at Houzz today with behind-the-scenes photos of all the fall projects I've been working on!!   

CLICK HERE to go see!!


What a simple way to add such a classy touch to your candles! Guess I need that new glass paint!!
Amy Renea said…
Aren't I annoying with all the glass paint projects? I always hate when someone makes me want to go out and buy things :) Holla if you want to borrow some -- you're local right Keri?
Ugh you're making me want the metallic paint - I didn't get any! lol
Amy Renea said…
I totally loved it lindsay :) I have leftovers - holla if you want some!
simple, elegant and perfect for Autumn. xo
Wow Amy, you've been busy! I had a peek at your Houzz photos, they are so beautiful - they tell a story without writing any words.
Melissa said…
Genius! I don't like the Yankee Candle labels either. They're too country looking. This is such a great idea. Thanks for stopping by my blog, as it led me to yours. I'm so inspired by your creativity! Looking forward to meeting you IRL this weekend!