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This weekend I attended and spoke at the new conference ‘Springboard’ in Boston.    First things first – Boston rocked my socks off.  Seriously. 

Now that pleasantries are out of the way, let’s move on to the conference itself.  Full of newbie bloggers and veterans alike, this smaller conference was the perfect place to connect with other bloggers and brands.  I was able to meet with every brand and have meaningful conversations with the PR folks and ad agencies.  I was able to sit and talk for hours with small groups of girls.  I was able to spend time working one on one teaching others and bring schooled by the illustrious Debbie Mitchell and Cindy Meltzer.  All of that and I was still able to go to the sessions I wanted to and meet ALL the people I wanted to meet.  No being left out of sessions because there wasn’t room.  No feeling out of place wandering around by myself.  No wising I could talk to a speaker, but they were rushed out the door too quickly.  It was fun and fierce and went way too fast.

One highlight of the weekend was the response the girls in my session gave during and after the session.  I was shaking in my boots before speaking, but everyone was beyond gracious and jumped on the Hometalk bandwagon with the slightest of nudges. 


We spent the last half of the session literally uploading photos to Hometalk and talking about how to tag posts, link to posts, write good hooks and share within the site.  …and then I checked twitter. 

…and the girls in my session literally twitter bombed me.  …and all I can say is THANK YOU.


So cool! What a great session that must have been! Wish I could have been there.
Amy Renea said…
It was really really really fun Beth -- I wish you had been there too!! Luckily I will get to meet you SOON yes?!?
Amy Renea said…
heart you back kimberly!!