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09 September 2012

[gathered]. -------------------> Fall Crafts

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It's time for fall and fall means????


Bring on the gold and orange and rust and tans (and teal?!) -- It's FALL!

Here's the thing...

I hate roundups.

...but I've been crating like a maniac and all of it is for other places...


I have to round them up for you (AHHH  ducking my head -- I'm sorry!!!!)

...but bear with me and check out a few of the fallishly fun things I've been creating lately...

See how to take a stack of thrift store napkin rings from 1950 to 2012 with a little paint and emoticon humor over at UCreate:


Did you miss the Ginko Vases?
They are RIGHT HERE!

...and seriously there is so much more to come!
Tomorrow?  Find out how to rescue those Yankee Candles!

PS - I hate roundups -- I really do and I apologize for submitting you to them, but this month is insane busy, so please bear with me!!  I appreciate y'all!

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