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17 September 2012

Create Your Own DIY Gourd Garland

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It is that time of year to break out the fall fruits, but I am bored of simply piling a bunch of pumpkins on my doorstep, aren't you? Join me today as we make a DIY gourd garland to spice up an outdoor seating space!
guord garland header amy renea a nest for all seasons

Gourds come in a wide variety of shapes and colors, making them versatile and fun for a host of projects. Today, I will show you how to create a garland that seems to hover overhead, making artistic curlycues in midair.
  • 5-10+ Gourds or mini-pumpkins
  • Strong String, Fishing Line or Cord
  • Strong and Thick Knitting Needles or Drill
  • Cutting Board or Workbench
  • Staplegun and Staples or Hooks
My garland is a simple piece, made from a handful of gourds, and frames a view off the back deck. Ready to begin? Grab your knitting needles!Knitting needles? Yes! Of course, you could use any object that will puncture the gourd without slicing off the top. Using a power drill would be the easiest option!    
Simply stick the knitting needle through the smallest part of the gourd neck, staying 1-2 inches away from the end of the fruit. Use a hammer if needed to push the needle through and wiggle the needle around to make sure the hole is clear of gourd flesh. Make sure you use a cutting board or workbench as the needle might puncture the work surface.

arrow into gourdcreating gourd garlandpuncturing gourdhouzz loads of string amy renea a nest for all seasonshouzz string into gourd amy renea a nest for all seasonshouzz pulling string through gourd amy renea a nest for all seasonshouzz stringin gourds amy renea a nest for all seasonshouzz widening hole in gourd amy renea a nest for all seasonshouzz tying knot amy renea a nest for all seasons
  1. Once you have created a hole in the neck of the gourd, you need string. I used white because I will be hanging this garland on a white pergola, but try thick fishing line or a natural colored cord for other applications.
  2. Cut a length of string that will span the opening you want to fill and add a couple feet for good measure. Wet and twist the end of the rope.
  3. Thread the string through the hole, trying not to let the string touch the sides of the hole. The fresh gourd flesh will grab the string making it difficult to get through.  If necessary, use the needle to push the string down and through the hole.
  4. Pull the entire length of string through the hole, leaving 2 feet or so at the end.   Tie a large, strong knot in between the two holes along the back of the gourd.
houzz porch with garland amy renea a nest for all seasons
Notice how the string just disappears against the white?
 houzz guord garland 2 amy renea a nest for all seasonsguord garland amy renea a nest for all seasonshouzz hanging guords amy renea a nest for all seasons         houzz attaching guord garland amy renea a nest for all seasonshouzz porch with garland vertical amy renea a nest for all seasonshouzz guord garland amy renea a nest for all seasons     
The garland is simply attached using staples against to secure the string. 
4 of 5 staples on each end is plenty to keep the garland secure, even though it is quite heavy.
So tell me, what have you been creating lately? 
Are you in the fall mood yet?  Still lamenting the end of summer?  Ready for Christmas?
I’m soaking in all the fall d├ęcor I can GET!  Gold, aubergine, orange and rust.  Bring.  It.  On.
houzz garland through gap amy renea a nest for all seasons


Inspire Me Heather Tuesday, September 18, 2012  

Looks great Amy! It's still Summer here, hasn't rained at all so far in September and it's been hot so no, I haven't been Fall decorating.

Nessa Bixler Thursday, September 20, 2012  

I bought my daughter a little pie pumpkin that sometimes is on the dining room table... that is as far as I have gone.

Robyn Friday, September 21, 2012  

Thats a cute idea.. I just bought some little gourds and pumpkins yesterday :)

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