Aubergine and Gold

I'm calling it early.  Aubergine and Gold are my colors for fall.    Tangy and Bright, with a little depth and sometimes shimmer, golden-hued pumpkins, guords and berries are ripening all over the yard.  Subtle, dark and broding, aubergine is the perfect complement to...well...just about anything.  This season though, it gives gold a background and is lightened and brightened by the garish orangy golds of the season.

From eggplant and tomatoes to the fabrics and florals of the season, 
bring on the aubergine and BRING ON THE GOLD!

What are your colors for fall this year?


pretty! i love aubergine in the fall!!! i love to use it in fashion. if you can call what i wear fashion.
Amy Renea said…
Why would it not be called fashion?!? If you think about what you are wearing -- I'm going to define it as "fashion".. I barely get out of my pjs some days, so I'm certainly not one to judge ;)

PS - I love aubergine clothing too -- it seems like it matches pretty much anyone and does the whole "slimming black" thing without the absence of color and light.
Torviewtoronto said…
beautiful pictures lovely colour