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06 September 2012

Martha Stewart Glass Painting

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THANK YOU MARTHA STEWART.   Phew.  Got that out of the way.   Today you get a sneak peek of the new line of MS glass paints that will be hitting the shelves soon.  Again, thanks to MS for the generous amount of product they sent and if you buckle your seat belt, we'll dive right in.  Ready?  Let's go!

These are the silk screens.  Silk screens are far superior to stencils because they allow you to make intricately detailed prints without a lot of skill.  I didn't even know what I was getting into with these silkscreens, but they were easy to use and amazingly quick.  These, along with a bunch of other products are part of Plaid’s new Martha Stewart glass paint line.

The back of the silkscreen has a light adhesive quality, so it attaches directly onto the glass and curves with circular vases, candles, etc.  Make sure the glass is clean and dry before adhering and you will have no problems whatsoever.  Once you've attached the silkscreen, simply daub a MS glass paint onto the open surfaces lightly.  I used a gold metallic, but any of the paints in the line will work with these screens.

To keep the paint finish light and clean, I placed the paint on the side of the screen 
and gathered more on the sponge when needed.  See that little blotch of gold in the corner?

It takes just a few seconds to daub the paint onto the screen and it should look like this when you are finished.

Immediately (IMMEDIATELY!) pull the screen off gently.  The paint dries quickly, 
so if you leave it on for any amount of time at all, the paint and screen could start to fuse together.

From start to finish, this process takes about 30 seconds.  That's it.

Pretty great for less than a minute, right?

Here are my finished vases.  The one on the left has a double, while the vase on the right is a single.  The pair received a single ginko leaf directly in the center while the larger vase was tricked out with several leaves.  I placed the leaves in a more natural pattern on the larger vase to imitate the falling of leaves outdoors.


Ginko Vases  (above)                           Butterfly Inkwell (below)                Glass Votive  (below)
  1. Ginko Leaf Silkscreen                  1. Butterfly Silkscreen                       1.  Circle Stencil
  2. Gold Metallic Paint                      2. White Frost Glass Paint                2.  Brass Metallic Glass Paint
  3. Glassware                                     3. Glass Ink Well                                3. Glass Votive
  4. Paint Dauber                                4. Paint Dauber                                 4. Paint Dauber
Find ALL these supplies and more as part of Plaid’s new Martha Stewart glass paint line online or at Michael's.

    Not surprisingly, I couldn't stop at one project.  The box of product included a barrage of tools, so I decided to give them a home.  This little glass ink well was perfect for the task and got its own silkscreened update with a frosted glass paint and butterfly silkscreen.

    ...and the stencils aren't bad themselves.  I love all the little decorative borders and detailed pieces as opposed to the larger stencils.  This votive holder decked out with a brassy metallic is perfect for fall.

    ...and believe it or not, there is more to come.
    I spent most of the weekend like this painting and painting and painting some more,
     so prepare yourself for a deluge of glass painted projects in the near future!

    Want more from PLAID and Martha Stewart Glass Paints?
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    Want to see more projects?  Dive in below!

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    Cassie @ Primitive & Proper Thursday, September 06, 2012  

    you are SO cute! i love the butterfly! emmy would love that!

    amy peca Thursday, September 06, 2012  

    Really cool! What great homemade gifts those would make! And the thrift shops are overflowing with everything glass!

    maryanne @ mama smiles Thursday, September 06, 2012  

    Very pretty! I love the simplicity of it.

    Inspire Me Heather Thursday, September 06, 2012  

    Oh I really want to try that too! I love how your vases turned out, just beautiful Amy!

    Aimee - ItsOverflowing.com Thursday, September 06, 2012  

    Fabulous!!! XO, Aimee

    Courtenay@Creek Line House Thursday, September 06, 2012  

    Silk screens you say? I had no idea! Fantastic projects and photos, Amy! Martha's lucky you did this for her. :)

    Amy Renea Thursday, September 06, 2012  

    Amy totally true!! If you ever want to borrow some of the paint - holla!!

    Cassie - thanks!! My husband pointed out that my boobies look quite large in the photos - oops!

    ...and oh my heavens courtenay, aimee, heather - maryanne - y'all are so kind -- THANK YOU!

    Shannon at Fox Hollow Cottage Friday, September 07, 2012  

    Beautifully done. It looks so elegant!

    Holly Lefevre Friday, September 07, 2012  

    Gorgeous! I am so intrigued by this silkscreen idea. Your project is beautiful!

    Amy Renea Saturday, September 08, 2012  

    Thanks so much guys ;) The are seriously as easy as they look!!

    Alilily Monday, September 10, 2012  

    They are gorgeous!! You really make them look so simple to create.

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