Making Chapatis with Nicole Fortney

Remember when I told you all about squash soup and how my friend Nicole was the catalyst to get me started on it?  Well, thanks to Nicole, I have another standard meal floating around for weekday lunches.  This meal is healthy but not fat free, delicious but not decadent.

Meet whole-wheat Chapatis with homemade hummus~

Now I know what you are thinking -- I don't LIKE whole wheat anything!  I hate when they put whole wheat into white bread -- it just RUINS it!  Yes, I know and I understand.  The trick to using whole wheat flour is to use it in a NEW dish instead of replacing white flour in an OLD dish.  I dunno what handmade chapatis taste like with white flour, but they are DELICIOUS with whole wheat flour because that is the only way I've had them.  Get it?

So go on out and buy yourself a bag of whole wheat flour.  Just try it once and see if you aren't a convert.  Just once, ok?

The great thing about these tortillas is that they are homemade, but you can do half the making at one time and then just roll them out individually when you are ready to eat.  First things first -- make the dough!

In Nicole's words, mine in italics and recipe originally from "More-with-less" Cookbook

Combine in a bowl:
2 C Whole wheat flour
1/2 t salt
Stir in:
2 Tb melted margarine or butter (Nicole: I like the Earth Balance or Smart Balance brand because they don't contain hydrogenated oils.) I've used butter in the past and it worked just as well.  Amy: I use butter!
3/4 C Water
- sprinkle on additional water as needed to form a soft dough that can be kneaded.

  • Knead well; cover with a clean damp cloth and set aside for 1 hour.  (Amy: I skip this step most of the time and just jump right into rolling out my first 1 or 2 for lunch that day!!  The rest go in a bowl in the fridge covered with plastic wrap and I use them throughout the week.)
  • Knead again. Break into golf ball sized lumps. Roll into balls. And roll each out on a floured board to at least 1/4 " thick. Dust each lightly with flour. 
  • Make sure you use a good amount of flour on the board, rolling pin and dough to keep it from sticking!
  • Heat a heavy skillet. When hot, brush skillet with oil or melted fat. (Nicole:  I choose which particular fat or oil based on what flavors my fillers contain. And what I have on hand [:)] .  Amy:  I use PAM!
  • Heat oven to 200 degrees to keep them warm. They stay puffiness by placing them directly on the lowest rack until ready to serve.  (Amy: I don't do this because I am just making a few for me and the boys.  Nicole makes a whole batch at once for visitors like me :)
  • Cook each chapatti 2 minutes on a side or until lightly browned. (they usually start to puff up a bit and that's when I like to flip them)
  • Brush skillet with fat or oil after frying each one. (Amy: I spray the pan with a little Pam each time.)
Wanna see how to flip those puppies?  I made a very amateurish video below -- please ignore my everyday tank top uniform, ponytailed hair and bare lips.  It was an early lunch and a mirror and I hadn't quite met yet...

After you have your chapitas good, hot and bubbly, you get to fill them with any good thing you can think of!  Nicole also taught me a good basic hummus recipe (coming soon!), but you can fill them with any old hummus, meats, cheeses,  guacamole etc and then top off the mix with tomatoes, raddichio, carrot strips, chopped zucchini, mesclun -- the list is endless.  Start experimenting and you too might end up with a new favorite lunch!

Want to buy the original cookbook?  You can find More with Less RIGHT HERE on amazon!
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Oh my goodness! I had never heard of chapitas before & when I went to Uganda we had them almost once a day :o) So glad to now have a recipe!!
Amy Renea said…
I had never heard of them either, but am glad to be introduced to them! Fairly easy and TASTY!
I've never heard of chapitas before either but they look so delish! Mmm!! Thanks for sharing this recipe Amy!