How to Save and Move Photoshop Action (.atn) Folders

...because I couldn't find this anywhere on the Internet when I was trying to figure it out -- here is a cheatsheet for how to save and move .atn folders.   It is a very simple process, but took a while to figure out, so here is a cheat sheet for you!  If I am speaking another language to you, no worries!  You might be more interested in the FOODIE, GARDEN or DIY sections of the blog, yes?

If you landed here because you need some help moving around actions that you have created -- here you go!  I am working out of Photoshop CS5, but the same basic steps should work in most versions of PS.

A. Make sure you are out of "button mode". 

This is the button mode on your actions palette:

This is not:

To get there, click the little button in the top right hand corner and simply click "button mode" on and off.  

B.  Make a folder in your actions palette (click the folder button on the bottom of the actions palette) and drag your actions into the folder from their location on the palette.

C. Highlight the actions folder by clicking on it.

D. Click the top right drop down menu and click "save actions".

E. Save the actions on your desktop or create a new folder anywhere on your computer. 

F. Upload the action file to mediafire or another media sharing site from your desktop and start sharing your actions with your friends!

Questions?  Just ask!