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05 August 2012

[Gathered]. -----------------> Onion Soliders

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All lined up in a row like a tiny line of soldiers prepped for battle, the onions get laid out to dry. They are coming in in waves -- big delicious waves in red, yellow and white.

Abundant and carefree, they are quite possibly the perfect edible.  They are a root crop, but they don't need scrubbing like the potatoes.  They repel pests from other edibles.  They need water, but they aren't all water prissy like tomatoes or watermelons -- splitting when the water isn't consistent.  They grow well in the sun and even grew well in part shade.  After prepping the soil and planting onion sets this spring, I did nothing and these puppies grew. Hail to the mighty onion, captain of the veggie army!

What are you gathering this week?


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