[Gathered]. 6 ------------------------------> Zucchini

It is still the heart of summertimes here in Pennsylvania and for us -- that means zucchini!  Some people have tomatoes and sweet corn to brag upon, but us?  We are up to our ears in summer squash - FROM ONE PLANT.  Every day one or two more squash are plucked from the plant and it just keeps growing and growing and growing!  I've made and frozen muffins upon muffins of zucchini batter, we've eaten them raw, fried, roasted and dried (zucchini chips!) and there is still zuchhini waiting on the counter to be used.  Somehow.

 Any advice? No?  You have zucchini too?

Here is a piece of advice for YOU.  Next year?  
Don't plant 13 zucchini plants -- or even 3 -- or even 2.  

One - just one! -  is enough to provide a bounty of nutritious squash for the entire summer.

In the meantime, I'll keep gathering those veggies and hoping they keep eating them up...

...and we'll be waiting for that strawberry popcorn to ripen up for a change of pace...

What are you gathering this week?


Too cute! Now I'm craving chocolate zucchini cake... or pan fried zucchini in olive oil with parmesan... or raw zucchini with other veggies and greek salad dressing... thanks girl!
Brandi said…
I'll trade you peppers, eggplant and yellow squash for zucchini, the gopher is getting ours. I need a local produce exchange!

Enjoyed stopping by your blog!
Amy Renea said…
Brandi - DONE! My peppers did horribly!
Amy Renea said…
Heather -- holy moly those all sound amazing! I think the chocolate IN CHOCOLATE ZUCCHINI CAKE HAS ME SOLD :)