Crock Pot Caramel

After seeing this pin a few weeks ago, I thought it might make a good candidate for the PINFAIL board, but surprise of surprises, it worked! 

The result is not the slick, creamy caramel you can create on the stove top, rather it is a sweet, clumpy, gooey concoction.  Good news?  It is idiot proof.  Simply place the cans in a crock pot (and yes you DO need a dish under the can to keep rust stains off the crock pot) and set it for 8 hours.  The water will begin to boil towards the end and after popping the top off the can, you'll have a version of caramel.

 I decided to try the full fat version vs. the fat free version to see if there was a noticeable difference and there definitely was.  The only problem is that I didn't run my experiment at all scientifically, so sadly I don't know for sure which is which.  I am pretty certain that the full fat version is the darker colored caramel on the right because it tasted much, much better and held together better.  I'll have to experiment more to know for sure :)  Of course, the full conclusion of the experiment is that both versions work!

So from PINFAIL to PINTASTIC, this little trick is absolutely worth a try!!


The fat-less one even looked better and I bet it's so yummy too!