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06 August 2012

[Collected]. --------------------> Harrs Auction House

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Glass salad bowls and serving bowls, ribbed, ridged and speckled.  The sweetest white sugar bowl,  the innocent milk bottle and debaucharous Bourbon bottle -- all in the same box. Not to mention the platters, the brilliant green piggy bank, the fruit bowl and the stuff we threw away. All in a box. All for a buck. One dollar and I have contentedly filled that gatherer need.  Better than Target, yes?

Truth in fact though, I spent more than a dollar.  I spent $7.95 and walked away with that box full of fun new treasures, a bunch of printer cartridges and a new bench seat/ toy chest for the boys.  Quite a haul for less than a Hamilton, don't you think?

The problem??  I need not hoard, so I need to start giving things away on my new dishware -- eggs anyone? Zucchini muffins? Who wants some garden greens??

Now I know (I KNOW) I spotted some bloggers and blog addicts at Dillsburg this past weekend -- so spill the beans!  Were you there?  Did you outbid me?  What did you score?

What have you collected lately?


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