CLASSY Gazing Balls

The trick is that the balls need to HIDE (that sounds dirty, but it is not really at all...keep reading...)

You've all heard of gazing balls right...those weird bright shiny things in tacky front yards all across thought you would never ever stoop to the level of buying one. They are hideous. Ugly. Garrish - ICK.

Well yes, me too. ...but then I was reading a book (please don't ask me which one...I speed read about 20 a week from the library! ACK!) and the book was discussing how wonderful gazing balls were. The author talking about how magical it is to "gaze" into the reflective surface and see various parts of the garden from different angles.

I started thinking...(and thus continues my inner dialogue - prepare yourself...)

I really love mirrors in my home. I love the way a mirror can provide a "picture in a picture" and highlight decor in another room. I like the additional challenge of making every sightline "work" from room to room. Perhaps I would like gazing balls?

NO - NO NO NO NO NO! They are tacky! They are ugly! They are HIDEOUS!

Ok, but what if I were to make a CLASSY gazing ball...

NO - NO NO NO NO NO! They are tacky! They are ugly! They are HIDEOUS!

...but what if I were to use those old bowling balls and a reflective paint in a soothing natural color???

OK - FINE...but only for the blog...only for a DIY post to show people that might want them in their garden, but there is NO WAY they are staying.

Well...a few months later and guess what I still want for my garden? Classy Balls.

Here are the tricks:

#1 Please don't pay full price...that takes all the fun out of it. Use an old bowling ball and some reflective, exterior spray paint and voila.

#2 HIDE the balls. I think most of the tackiness comes from weird, random balls sticking out up high in the middle of the garden. Balls weren't meant to be on display. They were meant to be surprises tucked into the foliage of plants (Sorry that sounds so hideously dirty...)

#3 Use a color that is bright and reflective, but natural. Purple isn't really the most natural color unless you are placing the ball in a purple smokebush. (Hmmm...that's a good idea...) Try brownish golds, burnt blues and deep greens.

#4 Gazing balls look great low when the foliage is low and look great up high when the foliage is up high.

SO. Are you convinced? I am. I can't believe it. I love these hideous things.

I love the way the garden expands when I look into them. I also love how skinny I look when I look into them. I love the glint and glimmer from behind a coleus that opens up into a whole new world when you look a little closer.

So give in...find a cheap bowling ball and experiment with placement...

just please - PLEASE do not place a bright pink ball on a pedestal in your front yard for all to see. It loses the mystery and suddenly has become all sorts of NOT CLASSY.