Bigger and Smaller

As you read 'A Nest for All Seasons', you might have noticed a bit of a change.

The nest is getting bigger!

...oh and the nest is getting smaller.

You see, I typically write medium sized posts - the kind you can digest in a sitting easily. 5 minutes and you get through the whole thing, actually read every word and maybe pin it if you like it. Those posts are good -- they are my bread and butter, but I was starting to get tired of the medium road. Medium posts aren't meaty, and they aren't quick enough for skimmers. I want a balanced diet here on this little writing space I call home.

SO. I've started delving deep into a couple of posts. I want you to get a full article. Something that takes 20 minutes to really read, think about and maybe DO something thanks to the post.  Remember the redbud post? ...or the crappy posts post?  Keep your eyes peeled for 'carrot seed confetti' coming soon!  These posts are WORDY...but I hope you read them! I think it is important to talk about the deep and the real once in awhile and I hope you will be inspired by what inspires me.

On the other hand, I also want posts that don't take much time from you, but strike a puh-POW into your brain. I want just a few words -- but words that really SAY something.  I want a few pictures -- but pictures that really SAY something.  A sense of place -- a picture of life condensed to a thought.


So you might see a couple new series popping up here at the nest. 
 The first two have already begun and if you missed them you might want to check out [gathered.] and What do you guys DO all day?

Would you rather visit by following along on pinterest?  
Each series has a board so you can follow along if you wish!  Visit [gathered.] HERE and What do you DO? right HERE

The reasoning behind these two series??  The purpose?  The thoughts behind the posts?  
Well, that will be explored in a couple of those long, lengthy posts, but for now -- I would like you to just be puh-POWED.

Maybe this little phrase will puh-pow YOU as much as it has puh-powed ME...

...and that's all for today folks :)