The day I went to the edge of the Earth...

Wondering where I found these views??

 If you follow along on facebook, you might have noticed a few photos from Wyoming last month.

My new and dear friend Becky Pickrel of Woven Decor invited me to her [amazing] ranch and today I am proud to finally share it with you!  I can't share the crispness of that piney air or that feeling of freedom you get from boundless miles of sky, but I tried to capture just the teensiest piece of the magic for you...

Check out the amazing interiors of Rapid Canyon Ranch right HERE!

PS -- You do know that I'm always sharing behind-the-scenes photos, previews, coupon codes and MORE every day on facebook right??  
You didn't??  Well, come check it out darlings!


Robyn said…
Absolutely beautiful country and photos!. Thank you for sharing them with us :)
Amy Renea said…
Thanks for reading Robyn!!