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30 July 2012

Quick Fix DIY Trashed Chair | FREEk DESIGN!

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So this was the state this chair was in when I picked her up from the side of the street.  Actually, she was a little worse off because the wood was a sad, dirty blue color.  A fresh coat of green spiced her up a bit, but still left much to be desired.

Since I am not a chair weaver, caning expert or patient, I decided to "make it work" with a 10 minute solution.  First things first, all those little pieces were simply stretched back onto the seat top and hot glued with a super strength, super hot hot glue.  (Do you know the glue is FAR less effective if it is not warmed up to its full heat capacity??  Just, like your oven -- it is well worth it to pre-heat!)

After quickly affixing the woven pieces to the chair base, I simply layered two fabrics over the "messy" part.  
The first is a placemat folded in two and the second was a winter scarf, knotted underneath the chair to keep it tight. 

There was one other problem with this chair though...

The legs were beat up badly.

Solution?  A little bit of twine wrapped around the base of each leg and secured with twine.


So for $0 dollars and just 10 minutes, I've got an extra spot to stash clothes and books in the bedroom and I am happy as a lark!  

Chair - FREE
Paint - Leftover
Placemats - Dining Room
Scarf - Coat Closet
Twine - Garden Shed
Hot Glue - Craft Closet

What have you FREEk designed lately??

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Torviewtoronto Monday, July 30, 2012  

beautiful chair looks wonderful

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