I wanna...

I wanna...

Start watercolor journals for myself and the boys. Pencil first -- sharpie second -- watercolors last ala Ashely Ann
Yeah...and those little square buntings -- still love those -- and that yellow tape -- YES PLEASE!

Create a painted wood grain in striking colors for my vignette shoots ala MANDI.

I wanna eat this:

...and drink this:

 ...and buy a few of these... 

Spring Hellebores
...and maybe even see a bit of this...

...but there isn't all the time in the world and it can't be spring and fall and winter during this hot hot summer, so I gotta stop "wannaing" and start doing just a few and forgetting all the rest.  ...oh and maybe light an apple cider candle for a little bit...it can be a tiny bit of fall up in here, can't it?

You wanna see what else I wanna do? 
Check out the inspiration board...there are years of projects to try...years...

What do YOU wanna do?


I totally feel you. I bought apple cider mix at the store the other day an my heart ached for Fall. I'm SO ready for cooler weather.

Those hellebores are stunning. Please plant some so I can live vicariously through you.

I wanna.... paint my laundry room a pretty blue and put up some beadboard. I'm gonna try to get it done this weekend. Wish me LOTS of luck!
I want Summer! Sorry, but it JUST got here and we have a bucket full list of Summer to-do's and we're just getting started! I love that journal you linked to, love that idea!!