We Learned How to Grow Potatoes - Now it is Time to GATHER!

So on Wednesday I showed off my first potato harvest of the season in [Gathered].  
Those potatoes looked pretty beautiful didn't they?

Grow Potatoes in tires Easily

What I didn't show you was the process behind the gathering.  
It was decidedly UNbeautiful, but very rewarding :)

In fact, it is quite ugly to be frank.  You have to wait until the potato stems have dried and and 
almost completely withered before harvesting and it is an ugly sight.  Add the cobwebs and well...?

It's ugly.

...but LOOK at that cluster of potatoes!

Grow Potatoes in tires Easily

All that from one little slice of potato!

Here's how it works...

After harvesting the buckets of potatoes from the garden, I throw the stems in the compost and we start digging in, eating up all those potatoes. When I am cutting potatoes for a meal, I take off a little bit more generous of a slice than I normally would from any of the ends that have prominent buds.  In this case, the buds have already started growing.  (That never happens in YOUR pantry, now does it??)

Grow Potatoes in tires Easily

Leave those little pieces out so they dry a little and form a skin on the exposed cut.  It takes just a day or two and then they are ready to plant.   The only thing to watch out for is a moldy potato.  Once in awhile you will get a few like this:

Grow Potatoes in tires Easily

Toss those and plant the rest!  When I'm harvesting the potato plants, I sometimes find these little weasely guys too.  
Those go right back in the soil from whence they came and will most likely form their own little plants. 

Grow Potatoes in tires Easily

 The cut ends of the potatoes that have had a chance to chit (or dry) go right back in the tires too for another round of growing by fall.  
In a few short months, the second harvest should come rolling in right on schedule!
Grow Potatoes in tires Easily


Torviewtoronto said…
garden fresh looks wonderful we went to the farm to pick fresh potatoes
Pati Mo said…
Wow those potatoes are seriously mouth-watering!
Robyn said…
Wow that seems like a serious amount of work.. but worth it.. how many potatoes did you get ?
Robyn :)
Amy Renea said…
hmm -- I didn't count the number, but that big iron basket plus another full pie plate. The trimmings went back into the ground and it truly isn't that much work. Gathering and/or prepping the soil takes work, but the planting and harvesting of potatoes is one of the easiest veggies I grow :) Try tossing a chunk of one into a pot -- you'll be surprised!
Debbiedoo's said…
Amy red potatoes are my fav. They are actually good for you too. I remember back a few years ago,I had a personal trainer and she recommended red potatoes. So eat up girl, those are looking good!