[gathered.] 4

Potatoes are the bounty of choice this week, spilling out of baskets and buckets all over the house.
From teeny to tiny and huge and a little scary, these pots are going to feed us for weeks to come!

What have you gathered this week?


Andrea said…
Oh they are so pretty! You might not believe it, but i haven't seen different colored potatoes, moreso that pink one. We only have a very few upland areas in the country that can grow potatoes, and they mostly grow the ordinary brown/beige-colored ones. I see in the net that there are several colors, how lovely! We import most of our table potatoes.
Amy Renea said…
Interesting that you import most of yours Andrea -- does the climate not support potatoes where you are? They are actually quite easy to grow and the growing period is not terribly long...