Do you have your winter reading list ready yet?

So this morning I read a blog post about Elizabeth Lawrence's Garden Study and I was instantly struck by how parallel our lives are.  She sat at her desk, in front of a large open window watching her garden grow and writing every thought that flit through her head.  While the romantic notion of that process is not quite the reality in my home, it happens.  While it doesn't happen as much as I wish it could, I am grateful it happens.  I am grateful to have a desk, and a big window and a garden teaming with life  and the words to share it with you.

I know gardening still isn't in vogue. [My husband tells me he still just doesn't get it and asked yesterday how there could possibly be more books written on gardening that I haven't read yet...oh the rabbit hole that sent us down :)] I know gardening still isn't a subject that makes 99% of the world tingle in their toes and rip open a book to read someone's thoughts about it.  I know this.  It doesn't seem to matter.  I still want to read about gardening and I still want to write about gardening.  I am hoping you do too. least a little bit.  I'm hoping to convert a few of you.  I'm hoping that I will be able to open a door for a few people and show them why gardening fanatics are so darn fanatical.  That would be enough.  Just a few converts -- a few of you introduced to this kind of life.  That would be my success. 

Back to Elizabeth though...she wrote.  ...and wrote and wrote and wrote...and I haven't read much by her because I've been waiting to find a huge box of ancient gardening books at a book sale for pennies.  I would fight to the death for it and pay my $1.50 a bag and happily devour the books for months on end.  Well, several years have passed and no luck.  Soooooooo, amazon it is!  I spent a few minutes rounding up the best priced books by Elizabeth Lawrence and another perennial favorite Beverly Nichols...and contrary to my normal practice, I bought them.  I didn't hem and haw much.  I just bought them.  I know these are the kind of books I keep forever and read again and again, so I bit the bullet, paid my 30 bucks and bought them.  I am now set for winter with my seed packets, index cards, seed catalogues and now?  My gardening books.  They will arrive one by one, little cardboard boxes and yellow envelopes full of the most exciting little bits of gardening wisdom and insight.  I can't wait!


Nessa Bixler said…
My garden is struggling along - neglect from me and drought are taking its toll. Winter reading for next season sounds like a great plan.