DIY Birthday Chart

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Welcome!  This morning I've got to share with you a project that has been on the back burner for months [MONTHS!] and it should not have been.  The total project took about 30 minutes start to finish, but took ME 6 months start to finish.  Ridiculous!

What is it?


A Birthday Chart.

I don't know what your habits are, but when it comes to birthdays, my habits are LAME.  I cannot remember birthdays for the life of me and always feel guilty when I miss one.  I've made board after board, list after list, reminder after reminder and nothing works.  I tried the facebook birthdays alert thing, but it is never early enough to actually buy a gift or send a card.  I tried having a list by my bedside, but it got lost in the shuffle of gardening magazines and sudoku puzzles each night.  I tried making a chalkboard with a list of birthdays, but I never looked at it.


What to do?

I needed a chart that was front and center, adaptable to adding new birthdays (we have babies popping out the wazoo in this family) AND something that looked like it fit in with our decor.

The solution?


No really, most of the supplies seen are from Walmart :)  

So I bought these little white tags for a couple dollars for the actual birthday tags and used stamped number tags from Kristina of A Cozy Cup of Tea to mark the months.  I hung the tags on little magnetic hooks, spray painted with metallic bronze to match the rest of the metals in our home.

The hooks come in a 4-pack and cost just a few dollars.  The magnets are MUCH stronger than I anticipated, but the hooks themselves are small.  They are perfect for this project!  Those little white tags are also in the office supply section of Walmart and cost like $2 for 100 of them.  I plan to use them for EVERYTHING around the house in the next few months.  (You DO shop the office supply section instead of the crafting section for craft supplies don't you????  They are always at least 30%-60% cheaper there!)

I simply hung all the names behind each month tag and each month, I take the tags down, make a note on the calendar, send out cards right away and try my best to be a better daughter-in-law/cousin/aunt/daughter.

Those racks the magnets are hanging on?  HERE is their story...

How do YOU keep birthdays straight?!?  Share your secrets!

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Niiicccee! Love your wall organizer! Can I ask what you use it for?
Torviewtoronto said…
neat idea I keep it on my online calendar
Aw, Amy - how sweet is this? Very clever of you! I just use a calender (boring) and transfer the Bdays from one year to the next (yawn).
Amy Renea said…
Everything janel! CDs, school papers, necklaces...lots of random stuff we need near the front door, but not all over the place :)
Carrie said…
Love it! What a great way to keep your dates (and everything else) organized. And so PRETTY, too.
Laura said…
much prettier than my method. I just have a birthday card book my mom never used. It has pockets for each month and lines for each date. I often write cards ahead and just check the book ever month or two weeks or whenever and mail. I figure early or late is better than never.
Gray Shelton said…
This is a neat idea! I am also a TERRIBLE birthday remember-er (don't think that's a but I usually try to keep them on my phone. This is way cuter and I hate having spiral bound wall calendars...I don't know something about them screams 'cubicle' to me. Your idea is much cuter. :)
Anonymous said…
I have @ ways of keeping birthdays. I use our monthly calendar. The other way is is I have a bead /sequin calendar -I Color coded the birthday by families and the anniversary by a different Colorado.