Wanna watch this stripper work?

This post brought to you by Flood Wood Care. All opinions are 100% mine.
This is my deck -- a little sad yes??
The metal is in fabulous condition though, so all she needs is a little touch up on the actual wooden decking.

The wood is almost semi-stripped just from rain and snow and wind and such, so I didn't know whether I needed to actually strip the wood, but since Flood provided the goods, I was a good girl and did my due dillengence.  The nice thing about these products is that it is kind of a dummy proof method of staining the deck.  No more waiting for several days to complete the job -- no more avoiding the job because it is too many steps.

This is after the stripper has been spread on the wood:

(via nylon brush...use a LONG handled one instead of a handheld.  The job goes MUCH much faster!)

If you look closely, you can see the stripper doing its job.  It started to rain in the midst of this chore, which was actually kind of great because it saved me from having to scrub and rinse the deck a million times.  (PS - DON'T walk on the deck when it looks like this...it IS as slippery as it looks...not that I'm talking from experience or anything...)

See the difference already?

So, moving on -- the BEST thing about the newFlood® Wood Care  products is that the OneCoat stain can be added to the decking shortly after prepping.  Usually you have to wait a few days, and by that time I often lose interest and the job never gets done.  With the Flood® OneCoat Waterproofing Finish,  it's possible to do the whole job in one day.  ...which means the job actually gets done...

Another great thing about this stuff is that it is THICK; It isn't the normal watery stain stuff that is hard to work with.  It is slightly thinner than a regular paint product and is easy to load up on a brush; See?

Here is the porch about halfway complete -- a bit of a difference, yes?

...and all done...

While I was painting, I ran inside and noticed something pretty wonderful.  Once the decking is painted it is very similar in tone to the wood flooring inside. 
 (The finish is wet outdoors, but when dry darkens and reddens a bit.)

So what's next on the list??  2 more gallons of a deep dark stain for some wood chairs and bunkbeds,,,,and more redwood on some shutters!  After finishing a project, it is RARE that I am inspired to do MORE of the same, but I am seriously into this Flood onecoat stuff.

...and you should be too if you've got some bare wood that needs stained!!

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Nanny G said…
Looks great. The deck out back could really use some sprucing up just as you have done with yours!
Hi Emy!

Great work, the different is big! Seems like new!
Great product!

Your patio looks great Amy! I've tried Flood before and was pleased with the results. I won't enter your giveaway though, our patio is made from stones and not wood.
Wow! That made a huge difference! I have a concrete patio, but if I win I would donate it to my inlaws who are forever restaining their deck! :)