Rolling Bees

I only had a second to snap. One second before the bee moved on, an acre away to roll elsewhere. I couldn't focus exactly right. I couldn't get the exact shot I wanted. It was too quick.  Too fast. ...and then gone in an instant. ...but I wanted to capture this moment. This giant bumblebee, a worker -- a protector -- a stinging machine -- he was up to something good.  

He was rolling in the deep of this rugosa.

Now, I know this is what bees do. They pollinate. That is quite literally what they DO. The pollinate flowers and make honey. Pollinate, pollinate, pollinate and make honey. Make honey, then pollinate, pollinate, pollinate. Pollinate, pollinate, pollinate, then kill off the queen. Then go pollinate. He was just doing his job.

...but he wasn't just doing his job. His job was to grab a little nectar, a little pollen and move on. He had flowers to get to -- chores to take care of. Dude needed to POLLINATE! This bee though? He took a few extra seconds. He took a few seconds to roll over on his back and wiggle. ...and then wiggle some more. Around and around and over again. he's probably going to get fired from his job.

He might get fired from his job, but this little bee knew how to deeply appreciate a flower. Roll, roll, roll, turn and wiggle. Wiggle some more and sigh in satisfaction (well buzz...). Hop off the flower and move on to the next. Time to work!  Let's go!  Get back to business!

Of course, flower #2 held a whole new batch of nectar and pollen and silken leaves to roll around in. This bee wasn't going anywhere. Roll, roll, roll, turn and wiggle.

I need to find some more wiggle room in my life. This bee has got it right.