Redbud: Niki of FARM to FORK

Good Friday to you!!

With summer on my mind and strawberries in hand, I stumbled upon a blog that y'all need to know about.  From local foraged tea (and how to store it!), to potato planting and a local community garden., this blog is farm to fork from head to toe.  Thinking about planting?  growing?  learning?    Then take a minute or two and say HEY!  to Niki over at FARM to FORK.  

Learn about vegetables that seem hard to tackle (celeriac?  kale!) and join Niki on her jaunts through local farmer's markets picking out the best of the best.  Don't miss the bison meatloaf or the unloveable veggies, and get your pots and pans out because you are sure to be cooking by the time you are finished reading.

While you are there, you might want to mention that I will be stealing her blog name for an upcoming series (no not really, but I'd like's kind of perfect isn't it??  Much better than farm to table...)

...on another note -- anybody watching the GLEE Project??  I'm in LOVE!


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Oh I like that name too, it's perfect! Will check out that blog as well, thanks!
Niki Park said…
Thank you so much for the feature!!! Made my day :)