Redbud @llie of Freshly Completed

Good morning loves!

Today I want to introduce you to @llie. 
She's kind of a firecracker crafter mama, blogging along over at Freshly Completed.

The girl is just one monster ball of inspiration, and from sewing bow ties to the most fun crafts, she is boy-centric all the way.  Forget the girly dresses and tea parties -- this blog is inspiring for us moms of BOYS.  (BTW...allie has a girl too!!  ...but the boys projects are off the HOOK!)  Without doubt I left inspired, pinned out and encouraged to do more creative crafts with my crazy boys.  I bet you will be too!  Check out some of the posts @llie's been working on lately...

FREE Printables?  - CHECK!

...and yummy food to boot?

I think I just instantly connect with any blogger that has boys in multiples and seems to be constantly racking their brain for creative "boy" ideas, toys, games, etc. I'm always so inspired b these fabulous boy-mamas and I so hope you go say hey to @llie and let her know that she's a pretty incredible redbud.

Want to meet the other redbuds?  Check them out below!


@lliE said…
Lovely!! Thanks so much for the post! Honored to be here. Ps-- I do LOVE my boys. But I do have a sweet daughter, too and I do think she's fun to sew for.
Amy Renea said…
ack -- I totally missed that allie! I am so boy centric in my house that I guess all the boy stuff caught my attention :) I think you are wonderful (clearly!)