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03 May 2012

My kids don't want this. Neither does my husband. Neither do I.

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Things started out well. I wanted to make a healthier version of Costco's potato salad. We bring that stuff home and I just can't stop eating it - it is DELISHious! /..but mayo laden pots aren't great for you. So I've read plenty of recipes of yogurt based potato salad instead of a mayo based sauce, so I decided to give it a go.

Finely chopped eggs and celery, just like Costco. Red potatoes, boiled and sliced...the dish is looking good...

Add in a delicious sauce based on plain yogurt, lemon juice and dill with a sprinkle of kosher salt. Mix it all up, chill and...

A true fail. My kids didn't like it. (My eldest actually told me that "at school they asked who liked potato salad and everyone said no...except for one person -- they said they liked it. ...but I don't.) My husband didn't like it (but he ate it). The worst part? I didn't like it. Usually at least I like the healthy stuff somewhat, but even I didn't finish this salad. The yogurt just did NOT do it. SO we're going to be taking a potato salad break in our house for awhile -- for my waistline and because apparently "nobody else likes it".


Kellie Thursday, May 03, 2012  

I'm not really a big fan of yogurt as a substitution for anything... you can never escape that yogurt tang... while not quite as healthy as yogurt sour cream is still healthier than mayo (1/3 the calories anyway)- Potato salad is so good!

prairiesummers Thursday, May 03, 2012  

Coming from the land of potato salad (Germany) I grew up with Mayo in this salad. I try to use sour cream or a mix of yoghurt and mayo. In the southern part of Germany they actually make the potato salad with vinegar and no mayo at all.... Jen

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