I knew my passion was for photography when...

I knew my passion was for photography when...

I took pictures to calm down.

Here's the scenario.

It's party day at my house. A bunch of wiggling 5 year olds will be arriving at the door in about 60 minutes to raid m house, eat cake and jump on the trampoline. All good things. The house is clean, but it was through a haze of yelling, vacuums, screaming and slamming doors. The games are ready, but certainly there is more I could do to prepare. My husband reminds me it is just 5 year olds and they probably won't even come into the house. They certainly won't recognize how well I have or have not cleaned the bathtub.

A tightly would string, I am about to SNAP. What to do?

I grab my camera, aiming to take a few photos of the games so I can write a blog post. I get a few pictures taken and then I see a pretty orange ranunculus. Snap. Oo -- look the way that willow is blowing int he wind -- snap snap. Light's bad, move over 2 inches, perfect - SNAP. Walk two steps, is that a bee, lean forward, to the side - aperture down, way down, oops too far. Adjust the exposure, that's better. SNAP.

20 minutes later -- I'm all snapped out. I'm calm and my husband's words are ringing true. They are 5 year olds. They care not about clean floors, but care deeply about fun times.

That is when I realized that my passion is photography. It is what I went to when I needed to relax. I love shooting just for the sake of shooting. It is like a crossword puzzle on a Sunday morning or a Sudoku puzzle before pulling up the covers. It clears my brain through the process of thought. It is my thing. I'm glad I found it.