How to add "fill" with a cheap reflector | PHOTOGRAPHY WEEK

Look at the two pictures above.  They are both SOOC - no editing, no fixing anything - same settings.  I did move in a little closer on the second one, but it was due to holding a reflector.  So ignore that, okees?  Notice in the first picture that Rex baby's face is in the dark on the left side.  See all the dark spots?  Also notice the shadow that he is casting across the wall in the background.  The light is shining in from a window on right, leaving the other half of his face in shadow.

I don't have the time or inclination to set up lights and/or OFC (off-camera-flash), so what to do?  Hold up a reflector.  I used a simple white reflector and it literally bounces the window light back onto his face, leaving a more even lighting effect.

The photo below is another setup, adding light to the LEFT side of his face, but this is the basic idea.  I held the reflector just a few inches from his face and the sunlight bounces right off.

Hey buddy -- how do you feel about this experience?

Want to test out a reflector of your own? You can purchase them at camera supply stores and online camera stores, but I snagged mine for around $20 on amazon. (of course now it is down to $!6 - BOO) It is a 5 in 1 with gold, white, black, translucent and silver. This puppy folds up into about the size of a (round) laptop.

Another option?  Try playing around with one of those car window shields (you know, the shiny silver things you put in your window to keep the sun out?).  Get a feel for how you can manipulate the light and then you might want to upgrade to a couple different colors.  Of course at under 10 bucks, you might as well just get the real thing -- HERE on Amazon if you are interested :) 


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