Fat Photographer.

I am fatter than I want to be.

I've had 3 babies and while the youngest has passed the 2 year old mark a while ago, his pounds are still living on my hips. Not that I blame him or anything.

There is one good thing about being chubby however. Well, at least it is a good thing if I am your photographer.  You see, if you are slightly chubby too, I know how to photograph you so you don't look it.  I've spent years now perfecting posing that doesn't highlight my baby pooch or my arms that are slightly more jiggly than I would like.  I know how to make the girl look little next to her man and I know how to make sure your chin stays single.

Now, don't get me wrong.  Most photographers know these things.  Photographers think about a lot though.  Light is first and foremost, then framing and composition.  Then they worry about adjusting setting so the exposure of the shot is EXACTLY right.  Re-adjust, frame - snap.  Grab that flyaway hair and SNAP.  Move an inch over that way and that tree PERFECTLY frames your face - BEAUTIFUL.

The only problem?  They were shooting from the side and included that ugly angle of your thigh.

You see, everyone else doesn't struggle with the way you look the way you do.  They think you are beautiful and might not even know you are self conscious.  ...and I don't know about you but TELLING my photographer that I'm self conscious about my arms.....oh that is scary in and of itself.  So what to do?

Hire a Fat Photographer.

I don't always get it right.  I don't always know what everyone's self conscious "bits" are (unless you DO tell me which is great!), but I'm pretty good at guessing.  I've had so many insecurities about the way I look as my body goes up and down and up again.  I can probably guess what you are worried about, and I can help minimize it in photos.


Be happy in your own skin - nobody's perfect!
Laura said…
I love this post! My sister said she'd hire you just based off of it, not ever having seen your work.
Awesome -- send her to hershey ;)
Becky Jane said…
I'm all for hiring a fat photographer. you are such a funny girl1 Loved this post.